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Applying for a job at WEngage is done in 4 clear steps.
Everything starts with creating your ideal job in the job menu and then applying.
What happens next?


We search for values. 

Our first online meeting is serious business. No quick chat via Teams, but an online questionnaire. In 15 minutes, we ask you a few questions to gauge our values fit. “Our what?" you might think? Well, together with a group of colleagues, we drew up a list of thirteen values that we all consider important. It is important that we share the same values. That would mean that you will feel good with us. The Twegos tool helps us to objectify that. 

A mere 15 minutes. We don't need more time than that. Do you fit in well with our values? Great, then you can go straight to the next phase where we gauge your competences. 

Do you view values at work differently? That's perfectly fine, but then our acquaintance will probably end. Your Twegos value profile will remain active – until you decide otherwise – so that you can use this profile with other employers. And Twegos can send you messages if there is a good value fit with another job.

StEp 2

On to the competence scan! 

Ok, there is a good value match between us, super! But what about your skills? We continue with a competence scan in which we want to get to know you in a specific situation. So we present you with different situations. It is up to you to indicate how you would react. The fancy term is a situational judgement test. 

Thanks to this second test, we can accurately assess whether your reaction is appropriate according to our working method. How do you deal with, for example, a dilemma or a challenge under time pressure. 

We will discuss your answers during a possible first meeting and can be used to teach you how we want our employees to respond in those situations. 

StEp 3

Finally we see each other? 

After the two blind dates, the real meeting takes place at one of the WEngage companies in the country. You will receive an invitation for an interview, now we can take our time to get to know each other. It's nice that we already have the same view on values and competences, right? 

Next, things can move fast. Is there a match on both sides? Are we both eager to start a cooperation? In that case a proposal will soon follow. Once the paperwork is done and the starting date is known, we count the days!

StEp 4

Welcome at WEngage! 

Great, you have started at one of the WEngage companies, welcome! 

Now a few intensive weeks will follow, during which we get to know our company and you learn the tricks of the trade. In official terms, this is called onboarding, we are happy to welcome you on board. Do you master our systems, techniques, procedures and approach? Then you will start working under close supervision for a short period. 

Once you have successfully passed that milestone, you are ready to work independently, congratulations! But that does not mean that you work alone. There are always team-leads ready to help you and to let you grow in your job.