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But I do not know you at all!

The name WEngage doesn't ring a bell? No worries, that is normal as we are brand new. And yet we have many years of experience! Because WEngage bundles the former contact centers IPG, Call-IT, ContactExpert & In2Com. Still haven't got a clue? No worries, because unknown is certainly not unloved! Just ask some of our clients.

Indeed, if you call Telenet with a question, contact Luminus, seek help from KitchenAid or contact VOO customer service, you may get a WEngage contact center employee on the phone. Aha, now there’s light, because those are some pretty catchy names!

We offer something for everyone. Full-time or part-time work. In Ostend, Leuven, Diegem, Antwerp, Liège, Hasselt or Ghent. During the day, at night, on weekends or especially not during a weekend. With a focus on civil affairs, technology or kitchen robots. We offer you a wide range of jobs, so look further and discover your future job!

WEngage is marktleider in contact center services. Met meer dan 30 jaar ervaring bieden we een uitstekend aanbod van klantcontactoplossingen.

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For us, cooperation is the basis of our services. We are always 100% committed to a successful customer experience in your organisation or company.

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Only 1 job in 1 office.We have to do better, no? How about 5 jobs in 1 office then?

We go even further: we offer you an extensive menu of jobs. Enter your own preferences & interests and discover which exciting job we have in store for you. Do you want to focus on languages? On technology? On working from home? Maybe you don't want to work from home, the opera singer who lives next door is not something you can handle all day. Or maybe you like to take a walk on the beach during break?

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